Milwaukee County stadium
October  1957  -  World Series
Reprinted with permission Wisconsin Rapids Tribune October 11, 1957

“Milwaukee Miracle Complete With World Series Triumph
Haney Miracle Man; Burdette Magic Wand With Three Wins
NEW YORK (AP) –Milwaukee’s miracle is now complete.  The miracle man is Fred
Haney with Lew Burdette his magic wand.
Just five years after the franchise shift from Boston, the Braves rose from a frustrated,
badly disorganized seventh-place team to a world championship outfit with a bright
Make no mistake about it.  This was a standout team that came from behind repeatedly
and overcame crippling handicaps to dethrone a good New York Yankees team in seven
sizzling World Series games.  This was a young team too.  The starting Braves’ nine
that shut out the Yankees 5-0 yesterday behind the remarkable seven hit pitching of
Burdette averaged 26.4 years to 31.4 years for the American League champions.
--24 Scoreless Innings
Burdette wound up with 24 consecutive scoreless innings against the American
League champs.  All this with only two days rest.  No wonder his agent, Frank Scott,
disclosed today that the rubber armed redhead, whose 1957 salary was only $15,000,
stands to earn around $20,000 in personal appearances and endorsements during the
coming winter.
Burdette received magnificent fielding support from his teammates, especially Eddy
Mathews at third base.  He received timely hitting support from Hank Aaron, Bob
Hazle, Del Crandall and Mathews.
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