Mathews Has Key Hit
Mathews, a batting bust in the first three games, delivered the key hit—a third inning
double to right off starter and loser Don Larsen which drove in the first two
Milwaukee runs.
Aaron, hit safely in every game, drove in a run yesterday and wound up leading all
hitters on both teams with .393.
Hazle started the crushing four run rally in the third with a hit, his first of the series.  
Crandall unlimbered the coup de grace with a home run into the left field seats.
Staunch Defense
It was the staunch Braves’ defense, however, that surprised the Yankees the most.  
The scouting reports had led them to believe that the Braves were a slow, clumsy,
lack-luster outfit in the field, devoid of fire and imagination.  The Braves proved they
were anything but that.
Mathews played a spectacular third base from start to finish.  Logan’s short fielding
was not as sensational but quite effective.
Covington proved the defensive surprise of the series.  Saddled with a  good-hit, no-
field reputation, the young left fielder left the Yankees gasping with two glittering
catches and a tremendous throw that cut off at least four runs.
Crandall Real Rock
Crandall was the rock of Gibraltar behind the plate and his strong throwing arm
mowed down all three would-be Yankee base stealers.
Frank Torre, a fancy dan around first base, saved his infield embarrassment with his
dirt-scooping pickups of their sometimes errant throws.  
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