Right after our high school career, a small group of people, including two
from our class (Bill Lukes and Ray Morse), started a water skiing show club,
called the "Aqua Skiers".   Well the thing just grew and grew and grew.  Look
below at what they are doing.  Bill's brother Jack was instrumental in keeping
the whole thing together, and going, building it into a significant athletic and
theatrical art form.  The Aqua Skiers now host the annual State of Wisconsin
Water Ski Show Tournament.  Generally it has been scheduled the same
weekend as our reunions, so maybe some of you have seen it somewhere along
the line.  If you have not, you should.  The Aqua Skiers now are traditionally,
a national class, water ski show team.  A couple of years ago they even hosted
a world championship event.
Like father, like son.  Daren Lukes and friends.  This
is why the Aqua Skiers jumpers, are the best of the
best. A double forward flip landing on either side of
the middle jumper. WOW
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