"Ray took me - Waupaca to go
Indian Cross Casino - is it still like we know
Yes it’s still going strong
The paint it seems, has peeled just a bunch
Hamburger place, no longer serves lunch
Our music we played, has all gone away
Don and Phil, will sing no more
The Kingston Trio has left the floor
The songs they play there now,
Won’t make your heart say wow
A long long ride, was over and back
At home so late, we generally caught flack
Casino is seems, was always on track
If only - only - we could go back

Bye bye Miss America Pie
57 Chevy’s in - the sweet bye and bye
And we don’t drink, much whiskey and rye
A long long time from Lincoln High
A long long time from Lincoln High"
Hey look, the
casino's not just in
black and white
Doc, keep the hamburgers
coming, will ya.
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