Reprinted by permission, Wisconsin Rapids Tribune October 11, 1957

“Great Raider Comeback Defeats Eau Claire 26-19
Trail 19-6 in Last Quarter, Then Hill Scores Three Times
Trailing 19-6 with 11-1/2 minutes remaining at Eau Claire Thursday night, the Lincoln
High Red Raiders staged the greatest comeback a Wisconsin Rapids football team has
made in many a year, with sparkling Kenny Hill leading the way, to defeat the Old
Abes, 26-19.
After Eau Claire scored their third touchdown on the second play of the fourth quarter,
the Raiders tied it up in just 5 minutes, then got the winning score with one minute and
15 seconds left.
And to say Hill was not the spark that lit the fuse would be a miscarriage of justice.  
The great little competitor scored all three of the last quarter touchdowns, he did just
about everything a football player could do and he inspired the Raiders from a very
poor group of performers into an unstoppable machine that simple ground Eau Claire
into defeat. ---
--- He got some help from the entire team when they finally became aroused in the last
period.  Most of the help had come from Bill Metzger and Jim Benbow defensively up
to that point.  Farney Bouton contributed some good running and uncorked one long
pass which set up the second score, and Tom Metcalf passed for one score and set up
another with a pass.
Howard Cosell:
"Hill is doing a
good job of
following his
Badly Beaten Team
This was a badly beaten team in the early part of the fourth period.  Their charge in
the line was not nearly so effective as was that of the small but quick hitting Eau
Claire team.  The Old Abes rolled easily for big chunks of yardage after the Raiders
took an early 6-0 lead.
Coach Bernie Knauer was on the verge of disgust with the lack of charge by his
team through the first half, but then said after the game,  “This is when its’ fun to
coach.”  He was more than pleased with the way the club reacted over the last 11
minutes.  ---
--- Metzger came up with the fumble recovery which set up the winning score, then
got one a moment later to kill the last Eau Claire chance, and Norm Killian got one
which stopped an Eau Claire threat when the score was tied.
Eau Claire’s first drive was halted when Metcalf
intercepted an Eau Claire pass on his own 15
and ran it back to the 32.  With Hill and Bouton
doing the heavy work ---
--- With the ball on the Eau Claire 36, Hill set
sail and was bumped out of bounds on the Eau
Claire four.  On third down, Metcalf crossed up
the Old Abes by throwing a pass to Tom
Walker, all alone in the end zone.--- "
Come on Old Abes.  Hang in there.
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