"--- With 11-1/2 minutes to go, the Rapids cause looked
hopeless.  But the kickoff went out of bounds, and on the
third play Bouton took a lateral from Metcalf, sped to his right
and uncorked a long heave downfield.
Ray Morse was waiting on the 25, using his
jumping ability to out leap two defenders hanging
on to him, and came down with the ball, then got
to the 19.
On the next play Hill took a pitchout, was hit at the line, spun away and raced down
the sideline into the end zone.  Bouton converted and the Raiders trailed by six.
Eau Claire was forced to punt, and Hill took the ball on the 15.   He circled back
inside his own 10 to elude one man and raced up the sidelines 56 yards before being
brought down on the eau Claire 29.  Here Metcalf hit Dave Benbow in the left flat
and Benbow was run out of bounds on the four.  On the next play Hill scored again
and when Bouton’s conversion failed it was tied at 19-19.
Eau Claire drove into Rapids territory, but Killian came up with VanGordon’s fumble
and the Raiders had possession.  They had to kick to the Eau Claire 25.
Winning Touchdown
On first down, Eau Claire tried a lateral that went astray and Metzger pounced on
the ball on the Eau Claire 19.  On the first play, Hill cut to his right, was hit, spun
away, and raced 19 yards for his third score of the period.  Bouton split the
uprights and the Raiders led, 26-19.
A moment later Metzger recovered another Eau Claire fumble and the Raiders ran
out the clock with the ball in their possession.”
And that is the end of the greatest comeback in Lincoln High School football
history.  But - - part of the reason the big comeback was needed is that, two of
our two heroes, Tom Metcalf and Ken Hill had overruled Coach Knauer on a
punt late in the second quarter, and decided to go for it.  Fans, it is not good to
overrule the coach.  Anyway, friends and neighbors, it didn't work.  Coach,
needless to say, was not a happy camper.
Interestingly, the first goat, Tom Metcalf, wound up playing for the New York
Yankees in the World Series, exactly six years later.  And, to see what
happened, only a year later, to the other goat, Ken Hill, look at the next page.  .
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