While the Milwaukee Braves were winning the World Series in
the fall of 1957, and, on the exact same day, Lincoln High was
beating Eau Claire in the greatest comeback in Lincoln football
history; a team only 100 miles away, called the Green Bay
Packers, was hitting rock bottom.  Vince Lombardi was probably
still a defensive coach for the New York Giants, or maybe he
was still back at the West Point Army academy, or Fordham
University, or who knows where. Anyway, he wasn't here.
And Agony on Me
Reprinted by permission Wisconsin Rapids Tribune December 16, 1957

49ers Win 27-20
Packers End Dismal 3-9 Season
SAN FRANCISCO  (AP)—A dismal National Football League season
finally dragged to a close Sunday for the Green Bay Packers who saw
a 10 point advantage disappear as they were defeated 27-20 by the
San Francisco 49ers.
The Packers ended the year in last place in the Western Conference
with a 3-9 record, their worst since 1953 when they were 2-9-1, and
the poorest showing unde Coach Liz Blackbourn who took over in
1954.  ---
Bunch of Cripples
Even though defeated, Blackbourn declined to give the 49ers much
credit for the accomplishment, saying only,  “Sure, the 49ers are a
good club.  But they beat a bunch of cripples.  Five guys from the
starting team were out of the lineup because of injuries.’ With
quarterback Bart Starr completing 12 of 16 passes, scoring one
touchdown and tossing for another, the Packers led 20-10 at the end of
the first half.  Fred Cone added two field goals to the second quarter
surge that overcame a 10-0 lead piled up by San Francisco in the first
period.  ----
Starr Never Consistent
The Packers had hung theirs on a Starr---the second year signal-caller
from Alabama.  It was a season of on-the-job training for the young
quarterback, who at times was great but never consistent.  He
improved in every game, but Sunday’s contest was a sample of what
must have been for him a season of frustration.-------They started
without the injured Paul Hornung at fullback and when his
replacement, Howie Ferguson was ejected in the second period, the
running load fell on Don McIlhenny, another second year man.
Bart Fumbles
A Starr fumble started the 49ers on the way to their first touchdown,
when Marv Matuszak fell on the ball on the San Francisco 30.   
Reserve quarterback John Brodie directed the drive that ended with
Arenas going over from the eight on a fake place kick attempt.  Gordy
Soltau converted, and later in the period a 32 yard field goal after the
49ers recovered Ferguson’s fumble on the Green Bay 26.
The Packers began to threaten as the first period drew to a close and
po9ured on the pressure in the second quarter.  The first touchdown
came after a 74 yard drive in which Starr accounted for 60 of the yards
with three passes.”
Liz Blackburn was the head coach of the Packers.  Anyway they
fired him not long after the season ended.  He wound up the
following year as the head coach at Carroll College.  Ken Hill -
remember him from a page ago, one of the goats that called off
the punt just before halftime - wound up being Liz Blackburn's
featured running back at Carroll.  Kind of interesting, ya hey, to
go from coaching Paul Hornung one year, to Ken Hill the next
year.  But it happened just like that.
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