Also Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - November 19, 1957

"Shocking Contents of Gein Home described
PLAINFIELD (AP)--You step through the kitchen door and
there is an ordinary kitchen chair, except that its seat is
upholsted with human skin. There is what appears to be a
small bowl on the table, but it is not a bowl. It is the top half
of a human skull.
This is the home of Eddie Gein, 51 year-old handyman and
sometime babysitter.
It is inside the sagging old farmhouse where has lived alone
since his mother died of a stroke in 1945."
When we went to the Library and read the old newspapers
we were blown away with how the Ed Gein story dominated
our senior year.  It seemed like the story went on for a couple
of months, and every night it was the headline.
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