Monday Novermber 18, 1957 - Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - These
several pages reprinted with permission

"-Victims Found on Gein Farm
Bachelor Admits Butchering Woman
PLAINFIELD (AP)--The Waushara County district attorney said today that five
more human heads have been found on an isiolated farm near Plainfiled, raising
to 10 the number of cadavers discovered so far in the house where a
mild-mannered handy man lived alone.
Prosecutor Earl Kileen said that Edward Gein had broken a stubborn 30-hour
silence and admitted that he 'knew something' about the macabre collection.
Kileen said that Gein told him he 'might of' killed the victims, and admitted the
ghastly butchering of a 58 year old Plainfiled business woman Saturday.
Gein was asked whether, in connection with the disemboweling of Mrs.
Bernice Worden, he had intended to eat his victim.
'On that point he still has a lapse of memory,' the district attorney said.
The latest heads to be found were wrapped neatly in plastic bags. "
"Taken From Jail
Shartly after 11 a.m., the 51 year-old Gein--a frail looking 140-pound
bacholor--wearing rubber boots, and with his red cloth gloves handcuffed
before him, was taken from the Waushara County Jail at Wautoma by
Kileen, Sheriff Art Schley and Count Judge Boyd Clark.
'He has something he wants to show us.' Kileen said.
The farm scene where the grisly discoveries were made laid under a
four-inch blanket of snow today but State Crime Laboratory officials
comtinued their chilling work of searching the buildings.
Investigators found the remains of four women in the farm home Sunday.
Law enforcement officials refused to furnish any details, but dozens of
city, county, and state officers sifted the 160-acre property throughout the
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