"Rumors Abound
But this chilled community was full of rumor of how the bedroom of Gein, a bachelor
and sometime babysitters, was decorated with furniture upholstered in human skin.
Kileen said Gein would be arraigned today on a charge of robbery.
Kileen, who earlier had said first degree murder warrants would be issued, expalined
that the robbery charge woud involve theft of a cash register and its contents from the
hardware store which Mrs. Bernice Worden, 58, had operated in the community since
her husband died 26 years ago.  The cash register was found in Gein's rambling old
farm house on an obscure town road seven miles southwest of Plainfield, about 120
miles northwest of Milwaukee.
Authorities reported today that a pathological study has determined that Mrs. Worden
was shot in the back of the head with a .22 caliber bullet.  The exact cause of Mrs.
Worden's death has not yet been established.
The district attorney said that Gein, under questioning by Charles E. Wilson, director
of the State Crime Laboratory, 'refused to admit any killings.'  But Kileen added, 'I am
satisfied that we can charge him with murder and robbery.'"
living room
"Sheriff Still Secretive
Scheriff Arthur Schley said, 'We'll get ot the bottom of this thing today.  I think I
know what went on out there (at the farm) but I'm not saying anything now.  
We'll question him thoroughly today and find out the whole story.
Kileen said he had decided to put the robbery charge against Gein at this time
after conferring with wilson.
Mrs. Worden's disappearance Saturday touched off the search that led to the
grisly trove.
Her decapitated body was found hung by its heels in the summer kitchen on
Gein's home.
Officers said state crime lab-----"
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