Symphonic Band
Concert Band
Wind Ensemble
Symphony Orchestra
Women's Chorus
A Cappella Choir
Music Theory
Music Technology
Music History and Literature
Physical Education and Health
Physical Education I, II, III
Strength Conditioning and Fitness
Aerobics and Conditioning
Sports Challenge
Outdoor Education
Life Responders
Health Education
Current Issues in Health
Comprehensive Natural Science I, II
Principles of the Environment
Advanced Environmental Studies
Principles of Biology
Human Anatomy & Physiology
DNA Science & Technology
Principles of Technology
Principles of Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Honors Organic and Biochemistry
Principles of Earth Science
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Principles of Phusics
Honors Mechanics
Waves, Sounds and Light
Electricity and Magnetism
Social Studies
World Issues,   American Studies
American Dream
Social Studies Electives
American Indians & Treaty Rights
Russian Studies,   Principles of Economics
Asian Studies,   Sociology
The Law,   General Psychology
Political Philosophy and Critical Thinking
Honors European History
Honors Macroeconomics
Honors Government and Politics
Technology Education
Car Care,   Auto Mechanics I, II
Petroleum Services,   Studio Production
Graphic Production,  
Computer Applications in Communication
Mechanical Drawing CAD
Architectural Drawing CAD
Problem Solving in Drafting CAD
Introduction to Blueprints
Principles of Engineering
Small Engine Technology
General Electricity,   Electronics I, II
Principles of Technology
Machine Tool Technology I, II
Weldig Technology I, II
Wood Working I, II, III
Building Construction (they actually build a house)
(Rumor has it that Silas Marner and
Sadie Hawkins are shacking up in one
of them.)
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