LHS Courses 1954-1958

English I, II, III, IV                 Algebra
Geometry                               Advanced Algebra
Trigonometry                          Solid Geometry
General Math                          Mathematics
Speech                                   Typing
Shorthand                              Geography
Bookkeeping                          Business Practice
World History                        U. S. History
American Problems                Biology
Human Biology                      Chemistry
Physics                                  Senior Science
Auto Mechanics                      Drafting
Wood Working                       Machine Shop
Printing                                  Clothing
Foods                                     Latin
German                                  French
Spanish                                  Journalism
Orchestra                               Band
Vocal Music                           Art
Dramatics                            Phys. Ed. I, II, III, IV
LHS Curriculum  -  these days
Investigating Art
Applied Design - Jewelry & Craft
Introduction to:  Sculpture, Jewelry and Clay
Advanced: Sculpture, Jewelry, and Clay
Introduction to Painting, Drawing and Printmaking
Advanced:  Painting, Drawing and Printmaking
Fibers, Weving, Fabric Dying and Printing
Advanced Fibers
Graphic Illustration & Electronic Design
Digital Imaging
Introduction to Photography
Advanced Photography
Photographic Independent Study
Video Arts
Business and Marketing Education
Advanced Accounting
Youth Apprenticeship - Financial Services
Business and Personal Finance
Information Processing
Microsoft Word Applications
Advanced Microsoft Word Applications
Business Occupations
Business Communications
Business Occupations Work Experience
Introduction to Marketing
Marketing Promotion
Marketing Management
Marketing Management Work Experience
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
International Business/Marketing
Starting a Small Business
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