150 years of Lincoln High School
Howe High School
was built in 1850.  It
was torn down in
1861.  A new building
was built, and then
later   moved to the
Witter Field area.  In
1882, it was destroyed
by a fire.
A third Howe High School (below) was built in 1883.  This
became Howe Elementary School when the new Lincoln
High school was built in 1902.  The Howe Elementary
School lasted until 1934 when it was torn down.
A new Howe
Elementary School was
constructed, and
remodeled a couple of
times, and is still there
Meantime, a high school was built in Centrailia
(the west side) about 1870.  Later it became the
Westside High School.  It was torn down after the
new Lincoln High School was built in 1902.
Uh! - Udder delight!  -  A cow outside your classroom
window.      Welcome to America's Dairyland.
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