Dateline – Moscow Russia – PRAVDA August 19, 1959
(printed sort of with permission)

"We Will Bury You"

Nikita promises revenge against LHS class of ’58.
Rockets launched against Wisconsin Rapids

Father of Salutatorian of class of ‘58 target for annihilation

Future spouse of classmate, and brother of ’58 classmate
also show up as KGB co-conspirators.
August 19, 1959  -  Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune -Reprinted with permission

“Rocket Hurtles Into Office at Consolidated

A rocket-like device etched a red streak across the night sky above the Wisconsin
River about 11:20 p.m. Tuesday, then crashed through a window and exploded in a
third story office of the Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co. building.
Police and Consolidated officials this morning were conducting an investigation into
the mysterious incident, and a fireworks expert termed the tine missile ‘very
dangerous and powerful, capable of going through a man’.
Jack Chinn, mechanical supervisor of the Rapids division and Hugh Bernie, coating
department superintendent, had worked late Tuesday night and were about to enter
their cars when they saw a red streak zoom across the sky, heading in a northerly
Both men then hear the explosion, but Chinn said, ‘I thought it was either an auto
backfire or car bomb,’ since the blast came just as Bernie was turning the ignition
key in his auto, some distance from Chinn’s car.  Neither man remained to
investigate the incident.

Discovered by watchman
Ed Knuth, switchboard operator and watchman, heard what he described as a ‘loud
blast’.  He went to the office to investigate and saw the type of smoke usually
associated with explosives, and immediately called police.
Most of the glass from the shattered window was found outside the building, leading
investigators to agree that the device actually did explode after or during its entry
into the office, occupied by John Natwick, pulp superintendent.
Roger Coleman, Wisconsin Rapids, who is in the commercial fireworks business,
was called in by Police Chief R. J. Exner to offer his view of the rocket, remnants
of which indicate that it was originally about six inches long and one inch in diameter.

Like Commercial Model
Coleman first identified the device as a commercially manufactured ‘Z-bomb’ or
Guided Missile’.  After looking more closely at the fragments, however, he indicated
that the rocket might have been modified in some manner after it concerned some
characteristics with which he was not familiar.
‘This could have come from quite a distance’, Coleman asserted.  ‘I’ve never seen
one like this painted a silver color, and the back end looks like it might have been
After shattering the window on the south side of the Consolidated building, the
rocket ripped through a Venetian blind and fragments ricocheted around the walls
tearing out chunks of plaster before damaging the office and dropping to the floor.

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