"I still believe in rock and roll
And rap is crap that wrecks the soul
county’s changed from the days of old
The saddest thing about this whole mess
Is the ones that I enjoyed the best
Have all gone to their eternal rest
And now the king is looking down
And there’s no one to wear his crown
The price of fame was high
So many of them died
Buddy Holly, Elvis, and John Lennon
Jerry Garcia and Bobby Darin
Orbison, Nelson, and Richie Valens
So many so many of my friends
So many so many of our friends
Cheers and tears for that group of guys
All who’ve gone to the sweet bye and bye
We’ll sing their songs ‘til the day that we die
They told the history story of our times
they told the history story of our times"
Entering Graceland
"The King"
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