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Our Guestbook
The site map
The Official Site Map
LHS - 1958 era
A.A.Ritchay - Remember Him
Or, How About The Little Theater
Outside Lincoln High
And, Lincoln High Itself
Old Exciting News Stories
Local Basketball Team Against Minneapolis Lakers
The Story Of The Game, Played At Lincoln Field House
And Who Do You Think Won?
And The Next Night, Us Against The Hipsters
"The Rumble In The Rapids" -  Us Against The Police Chief
And Then Us Against The Fire Chief - FDWR
And Who Shot The Sputnik Rocket At Consolidated Papers
The Surprise Ending To The Rocket
And Alfred Hitchcock Presents -  The Big Story Our Senior Year
Ed Gein
The Newspaper Story
His House Of Horror
Two amazing events on Oct. 7, 1957 - Braves win World Series
Second page about Milwaukee Braves
The big football game
The super comback
The Green Bay Packer Connection
LHS - Old To New
Curriculum - Then And Now
Curriculum Now Continued
And Curriculum Now Continued Again
And Curriculum Now Continued Again - Holy Cow
Current LHS Activities Available
150 Years Of LHS History
LHS History Continued
And Some More
And The New LHS
New LHS Continued
And More New LHS
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