This darned thing is costing us ten bucks a month, just to keep
alive. And we're retired, and living on a fixed income, and a
bit of Social Security, and government is starting to mess
with that..  
We had better than 50 years to make the boat, and
we missed it.
So please help us out a little if you can.  There
some of our addresses near the end of this monster , so you
can send us some money there.
  Or, there is a PayPal button
above this so that you can send us some money that way.    
We have an old photographs page too.  But
we   need more old photos.  So, if you have
some,      please send them to us.  We can get
them back   to you.  If possible, have your
grandkids scan     them and email them to us.
Be sure to tell us      who is on each picture.
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