This is a song that Barry Jens wrote and sang at an earlier
reunion, with the help of Helen Morland (Zimmerman).  Tune
is "American Pie".


A long long time ago, I can still remember my days at LHS
Years have come and years have past, those four were among the best
Many times I've been blest,
But now I read the obituaries, see who's moved to the cemetery
Many miles have past me by; now and then I have a cry
40 years of time I've had, Most was good, some was bad
Three times I became a dad, I still recall the song we had
Beer beer for old Lincoln High, you bring the whiskey, I'll bring the rye
I'll sing this song 'til the day that I die
Of the years and friends that past since Lincoln High

Won't you ride in my rumble seat, Friendly Fountain to have a treat?
See the chicks that we can meet
In the door, what should I do, greeting me was Peggy Sue
And she said, how's your old wazoo?
My love for her has now grown cold, and Peggy Sue's, grown very old.
She now lives in a home, in far off San Antone
I know my dream is out of whack, Friendly fountain to go back
They probably would be selling crack, We never, no never can go back
Cheers and tears for old Lincoln High
Now let's head for Helen's Twin Pines
Take your Beer card, to the Riverside
With the class of 58 from Lincoln High

Do you remember the senior beer
Hanging from a windmill Russ Rodeghier
We were young and had no fear
Or how about the night at the Davis Cafe
We all went after the game
Cops came in but all was tame
The fire trucks they all let loose
With water then we all got goosed
Poor Helen got so wet
She still is not dry yet
I started out just having a coke
A cop grabbed me it was no joke
They fixed something that was not broke
The night the chief of police choked
Jeers and sneers for the local Gendarmes
Who thought that we meant to do them some harm
I was a kid just fresh from the farm
Learned how life could sometimes really suck
Getting hosed by a big old fire truck

Some of you maybe did some time
Learned of life from a concubine
Saw pain of a commie land mine
Army navy air force marines
US coast guard and merchant marines
Most of all just chasing a dream
The Berlin Wall has fallen down
The Commies are no more around
Our age group won that war
The Commies are no more
Now I sit in a wonder zone
the Internet comes over the phone
And I just work on my muscle tone
And think how much you all have known
Cheers and tears for our 40 years
And how we conquered all of our fears
Now don't like to look in a mirror
Oh the class of the class of 58
Oh the class of the class of 58

There is no pain on this whole earth
That's worse than pain of childbirth
How come you all didn't stop with the first
I've learned in life who is the boss
I've learned there is no Santa Claus
But I guess there is there is a menopause
Motherhood, our greatest boon
Without it we'd all be doomed
You never had it so good
As when your kids were underfoot
I'll bet you'd again like to go skinny dip
Slumber party 'hind, a towel be hid
Instead recalling just where you hid
The gifts you bought for your grandkids
Here's to all you ladies in here
Who knew when to crab, and knew when to cheer
Who knew when and how, to kick us in the rear
Women's lib may be your biggest greatest thrill
Caused you to get a job to pay the bills

I still believe in rock and roll
And rap is crap that wrecks the soul
County's changed from the days of old
The saddest thing about this whole mess
Is the ones that I enjoyed the best
Have all gone to their eternal rest
And now the king is looking down
And there's no one to wear his crown
The price of fame was high
So many of them died
Buddy Holly, Elvis, and John Lennon
Jerry Garcia and Bobby Darin
Orbison, Nelson, and Richie Valens
So many so many of my friends
So many so many of our friends
Cheers and tears for that group of guys
All who've gone to the sweet bye and bye
We'll sing their songs 'til the day that we die
They told the history story of our times
They told the history story of our times

I retired my job and started anew
I'm selling Viagra and calling on you
Hope you still know what to do
Remember the coup in the back seat you met
And that's where you learned to make out and pet
And would we go back, oh boy, you bet
The devil never wore a frown
Whenever you were lying down
But you can't go back in time
To your days at Lincoln High
Now we stand among all our peers
Remembering how we conquered our fears
How many times we shifted our gears
Thanks oh thanks for all those years
Cheers and tears for class 58
Next stop for us is the pearly gates
If you don't mind I'd just as soon wait
For the rest of the class of 58
For the rest of the class of 58
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