"The 'Zakons' Cut a Platter."
"Area teen-agers who like to rock to the sounds of
the “Zakons” can now do so in the comfort of their
own homes, without leaving their records players.
Parents will probably greet with mixed emotions the
news that the swinging strains of the instrumental
quartet can now fill their homes via the phonograph
speakers, for the Zakons have cut their first record.
Entitled “Trackin’” and “Wasted”, the two rock ‘n
roll selections are the original creations of the local
quartet.  They are on the “Cuca” label, and were
recorded at Sauk City recently.
The roup is currently made up of Jon Mullen, 18, on
the saxophone; Gerry Irwin, 20, beating the drums;
Bill Joswick, 18, strumming the lead guitar; and Ron
Pagel, 18, on the rhythm guitar.
While the Zakons have been in business for about
two years, the present organization has been together
for about six months.  Their repertoire is limited to
rock ‘n roll and rhythm and blue numbers, which
they rehearse two or three times a week.  They
perform at clubs and dance halls on weekends.
Claiming to be the first group to bring “live” rock ‘n
roll here, the quartet plans to market and distribute
its own record.  The first issue is now being sent to
record shops, radio stations, fans and friends.
The Zakons derive their name, incidently, from a
German word “zachens”, which allegedly means
“sharp” in that language.  It is apparent that the
Zakons want to be, like, a real sharp outfit. Man! "

Reprinted by permission, from Wisconsin Rapids
Daily Tribune.
'n roll quartet, native to
Wisconsin Rapids, has just
recorded two instrumental
numbers which they composed
themselves.  Left to right above
are Bill Joswick, Gerry Irwin,
Jon Mullen and Ron Pagel."

Reprinted by permission from
Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.
Jon Mullen and Ron Pagel
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